PTSD Review







PTSD is Pharoahe Monch’s fourth solo Lp.


Track 1 – The recollection facility (A standard intro that reminds me of the spitkicker intro from De La Soul AOI Bionix – prepare us to engulf into the Lp).

Track 2 – Time2 (A solid start the first line we hear is ‘‘we fight demons of our past to face new monsters’’ a clear reference to past transgressions of society’s ills. It is a compelling track with a simple beat that allows Monch to wax about the ways of the world).

Produced by Marco Polo

Track 3 – Losing My Mind (featuring dEnAuN) – (A beautifully haunting track that displays as the title would suggest a lack of memory and slipping of stability apparent by the over abundance of modern days obsessive culture).

Produced by Jesse West

Track 4 – Heroin Addict (A rock inspired intro to the next song that I feel is a artistic move but personally kind of feels like filler).

Produced by Pharoahe Monch

Track 5 – Damage (this is what separates Pharoahe from ninety percent of the culture his confidence, breath control and resilience to step outside the beat and makes you want to be captivated by every lingering word).

Produced by Lee Stone

Track 6 Bad M.F. – (A strong follow up to the preceding track that has a tongue in cheek hook with a very solid beat ripping apart counter culture but feels a little tedious by being a bit all over the place).

Produced by Lee Stone

Track 7 The Recollection Facility Part 2 – (Another robotic set up for the following track implying a lack of identity and that the reality that monch is in is a false one and kind of has a HAL space odyssey feel to it).

Track 8 – Rapid Eye Movement featuring Black Thought – (This is what we want a solid track from two of the most revered mc’s in the game. Let me say this Black Thought may be the most underappreciated mc in hip-hop history. The Beat is fire the flows are on point this is what we have been waiting for).

Produced by Marco Polo

Track 9 – Scream – (A lyrical exercise of a track that I feel may have been a track that never came out of his aborted Rock vs. Disco idea. That never developed could do without the scream in the hook but hey its monch).

Produced by Quelle Chris

Track 10- Side FX featuring DR.Pete (This is another interlude that deals with a rather satirical take on Pharohs asthma condition again I felt like more filler).

Produced by Pharoahe Monch

Track 11 – Jungle – (A semi autobiographical take on the inner city life as an analogy of a jungle. It’s a solid track using many animal references. I thought it had a real good beat. My only regret is that Sean Price didn’t return the favor from BBQ sauce of Mic Tyson and go Bar- Barian on this track with him).

Produced by Marco Polo

Track 12 Broken Again (an endearing track that expresses Monch’s pain with dealing with world around him).

Produced by The Lion Share Music Group

Track 13 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (A reflective track that allows Monch to explain where he’s been the last four years and how he struggled to find peace with himself in a jagged industry and fickle audience that has no concern over his personal well being).

Produced by DJ Boogie Blind and BAM

Track 14 D.R.E.A.M featuring Talib Kweli (Spearheaded by a bold hook it’s a great collaboration that Monch tears apart with a dynamic flow we have always loved him for and Kweli comes correct on his appearance it’s a great track to uplift out of the strong subject matter from the two prior tracks).

Produced by Lee Stone

Track 15 The Recollection Facility Part 3 –(Another interlude /Skit Dealing with time and fast forwarding to the future).

Produced by Pharoahe Monch

Track 16 Eht Dnarg Noisulli featuring the Stepkids- (a sweeping beat that deals with misconceptions of modern day reality and has many pivotal points that take on the society we live in present day).

Produced by The Stepkids and Monch


In Conclusion


The Lp is a good one with elements that derive from the emotional and soulful parts that had us fans of Desire and many political points elaborated on his last effort W.A.R. The problem I feel is that it is bogged down by an over abundance of skits and interludes that stray the listeners attention from the story he is trying to convey. Being that tragedy and hardships are a bitter pill to swallow as one grows older. Life is not so cut and dry as we would like it to be. The music industry is a machine much like in the movie the matrix. Feeding of the talent of the artists it consumes. With this new independent route Monch has chosen for himself. He seems very much like Neo trying to break free of that oppressive state he had to be apart of for so many years.


Score of 8 out of 10


Favorite Tracks Time2 ,Damage ,P.T.S.D



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