BND -Woods




Produced by Snottynose


1-(The Lost Land) is an intriguing first track. It serves as both an introduction to the world BND lives in and also highlights his views on everyday life as a whole. It has a very monster island czars feel to the beat as it weaves in and out of BND off kilter rhymes. A great way to start out this LP.


2-(LIRR) is a very obscure and abstract beat. It serves its purpose but may be a little too much for listeners. The sounds are like a keyboard glitching out before being thrown against the feedback of a guitar. The thing is you have to know what it feels like to be going on the last train home and borderline losing your mind and your fingers smelling like resin of Dutch guts. You look up and all you want is that Newport right after you get off before your last stop. It feels like that!


3-(Wake Up) implements live instrumentation and a creeping drum in the background. It’s a nice difference from the first two tracks. It has a really nice melody that swoops between the verses. BND has a great line in ‘’Charles Limburg was the first to fly a fight out, Crooked detective perspective bring them lights out’’ A line may seem insignificant to some listeners but coming from Long Island it shows both our historical value and the corruption of the urban wasteland we have become.


4-(Pheobe Sno) is a great track. It perfectly matches the tempo and structure that BND rhymes. Weaves in and out of his bars allowing his breathe control and words to both take the forefront over the beat.


5-(Heavy) ‘’We out fighting a culture war and we all dying’’ BND. Are both a battle cry and a statement on the art world. BND uses this track to kind of take you in his mind and show his inner turmoil as an artist. As graffiti writer would use a blank wall from a far. A tag may look like a scribble to an untrained eye of a viewer. That is never the case cause you never saw the steps it took to master that style. BND style is a perfect example of that.


6-(Mumbo Jumbo) is a very weird track with a slowed sample repeated throughout. It reminds me of an adult swim commercial breaker. Weaving in and out but personally not my favorite of the tracks .It may grow on me later.


7-(Green Peace) If BND is swinging for the radios or blogs this is the track. Producer Snottynose gives BND a banger and he flows over the track like polar bears on ice skates. It’s a seriously one of the best beats I have heard on 2014 thus far. With it drops and piano chops is really just a work of art.


8-(Grizz) you ever wake up mid dream and remember a sound you thought you heard. This beat is that sound. BND has a running motif throughout the whole project. He is sort of viewer on the run that is on the move from place to place but never having rest. Almost like the Bigfoot depicted on the cover.


9-(My Heart Stopped) Kind of is all over the place. I like the music at the last 15 minutes more then the jarring beginning. It’s ok but kind of is too short and feels out of place as a second to last track.


10-(Higher Learning) has a very open spoken word feel to end. With both a good live instrumentation and BND singing. It uses a very sparse rhyme pattern. It’s a good way to end this LP. Ending with a comment on mother earth’s future in the midst of human interaction.


BND is interesting as emcee but I feel that his style is an acquired taste. He is a cross in my opinion of Kool Keith’s weirdness and the social commentary of someone like Big Juss from Company Flow. He has a very open Long Island feel to it that dominates his music. However I feel he could be more precise with his topics and rhyming structure’s. He may have served a little fairer to have another poet or emcee on a track with him. To kind of break all the free verses going on. It is an interesting concept both between the metaphors of the world as a wood like domain. That we as people can get both lost in our own lives and navigating through society’s pitfalls. So grab a backpack, maybe pair of binoculars and some grub and take a hike.


6 out of a 10


Best tracks Lost Land, Wake Up and Green Peace


Review by ByrdFlew





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