Action Bronson (Freestyle)


Live on Funkmaster Flex Night over Keep it Thoro beat


Ill Tal – Super B-Boy Breaks


With over 7,000 vinyl records in his arsenal, New Jersey-based Hip-Hop producer Ill Tal has been churning out beats since 1997. Utilizing the same techniques used by the legends of the golden era, Ill Tal has managed to capture the sound that so many hip-hop fans miss – as well as add his own unique choice of samples and production. With the recent resurgence of the boom bap/90’s sound, Ill is gaining popularity among younger crowds looking for an alternative to the trap music currently dominating hip-hop.

DJ Sheep’s Spring Breakz #1


Disco, Funk, Soul, Soundtracks, Reggae, Library Records, Dirty Funky Soul 45s, $1 Bin Classics, Drum Breaks, a * TONNE * of used and unused samples, Private Press secret squirrels, Experimental/Electronic stuff, Blaxploitation radio spots, Chinese TV commercials, Australian Punk, Psych, Fuzz, Jazz, Latin, Video Game music, Stereo Test records, Pinky Violence raers, B-Boy Breaks, an Idris Muhamad (R.I.P.) “extraction” from my man BAPT in Paris, a couple of seldom played Nas joints, a Lakim Shabazz freestyle, some live remix action with Rakim, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, The Game, Alkaholiks and Percee P all gettin’ the live “SHEEPMIX” treatment (check around the 34 minute mark). As always, I gave this mix the world treatment with special joints from India, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Taiwan, Africa, Israel, South America, Thailand, China, Italy, Russia, Hungary and from all over Europe and the world. David Axelrod sits nicely besides James Last on this mix… Finally, J-Zone laced me with his new “Lunch Breaks” record, so I cut up a handful of those breaks throughout the mix; see if you can tell his drums from the 70’s joints, it’s tough! -DJ Sheep